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A Companion to Cultural Studies

Toby Miller

Experts from five continents provide a thorough exploration of cultural studies, looking at different ideas, places and problems addressed by the field.
Brings together the latest work in cultural studies and provides a synopsis of critical trends
Showcases thirty contributors from five continents
Addresses the key topics in the field, the relationship of cultural studies to other disciplines, and cultural studies around the world
Offers a gritty introduction for the neophyte who is keen to find out what cultural studies is, and covers in-depth debates to satisfy the appetite of the advanced scholar
Includes a comprehensive bibliography and a listing of cultural studies websites
Now available in paperback for the course market.

Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2001

Museums of Influence

Kenneth Hudson

In this original and highly illustrated book Kenneth Hudson reviews the development of the world's museums over the past 200 years by identifying 37 pioneers in ten countries - from the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum in New York to the outdoor Sukuma Museum in Tanzania and the tiny, pre-fabricated Tacubaya Museum in the slums of Mexico City. The museums of the world very enormously in style, size and approach. Yet amid this diversity, it is possible to identify a significantly small number that have influenced museum thinking and practice. The achievement of these pioneers is described against the background of their times and the often colourful personalities involved. Finally Kenneth Hudson attempts to assess present trends and to forecast what kinds of museum are likely to be Museums of Influence during the next twenty or thirty years. This book will appeal to all museum enthusiasts; archaeologists; historians; historians of art and science; industrial archaeologists and professionals working in or designing museums.

Есть на русском языке. Пер. с англ. / Кеннет Хадсон; пер. Л. Мотылев. – Новосибирск: Сибирский хронограф, 2001. – 194 с.

Cambridge University Press, 1987