Nadezhda Brakker
Centre for Informatisation in the Sphere of Culture (Centre PIC), Moscow, Russia
Senior expert
Has been working in museum field since
The recording date of the interview
December 20, 2012


And it is a great achievement of ours that, with the support of the Ford Foundation, we have been able to digitalize them all and make 45000 items public through our online catalogue.

Text of the interview

Nadezhda Brakker is the Senior Expert of the Centre for Informatisation in the Sphere of Culture (Centre PIC) in Moscow, Russia, and she is a specialist in digital heritage preservation. Her field of expertise is international promotion of Russian cultural heritage. She is the founder of the EVA-Moscow conference.

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  • Who did you want to be growing up?
  • Where did you study?
  • When and how did you start working in the museum field?
  • In which museum department did you start your career?
  • Could you describe how your career was evolving?
  • What was your idea of what ICTs could do when you were only beginning to work with them? Which dreams did you have?
  • Where were the first computers in your organization? What happened to this room?
  • Which role do ICTs play in your organization today?
  • What do you think is going to be the future or ICTs in museum field?