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Civilizing Rituals: Inside Public Art Museums

Duncan, Carol

Illustrated with over fifty photos, Civilizing Rituals merges contemporary debates with lively discussion and explores central issues involved in the making and displaying of art as industry and how it is presented to the community.
Carol Duncan looks at how nations, institutions and private individuals present art, and how art museums are shaped by cultural, social and political determinants.
Civilizing Rituals is ideal reading for students of art history and museum studies, and professionals in the field will also find much of interest here.

London: Routledge, 1995

Culture Wars: Documents from the Recent Controversies in the Arts

Bolton, Richard (ed.) Bolton, Richard

The ongoing efforts of government officials and self-appointed guardians of public morality to control the content of art and public speech have exposed deep divisions in America's beliefs about artistic value and freedom of expression. Richard Bolton's Culture Wars is the first book to document these turbulent and disturbing debates in detail, in the words of the artists, legislators, lobbyists, and critics themselves.

New Press, 1992