Hi there,
My name is Anna Mikhaylova, and I'm the founder of this project. At the beginning, this blog will mostly be about museum computing in Russia, but later it might become wider. Brief information about me: worked as a tour guide in Peterhof and St. Petersburg, spent two years at the IT department of the Kunstkamera Museum, graduated from St. Petersburg State University, currently a student at Leicester University and independent museum consultant.

Музей в цифровую эпоху: кейсы, проекты, интересные статьи

April 16th 2017

Обновляемая подборка ссылок на проекты, кейсы и поезные материалы по темам:

  • сайты
  • социальные сети
  • мультимедиа
  • архитектура
  • ИТ и инженерия

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